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Webinar FAQ's

What is a webinar?

A Webinar is a Web-based seminar. Webinars are just like a conference room based seminars however participants view the presentation through their web-browser and listen to the audio through their telephone or computer. A key feature of a Webinar is its interactive elements -- the ability to give, receive and discuss information.

Why use a webinar?

The province of Ontario is vast and the use of this technology dramatically increases practitioners’ capacity to participate in these webinars right from their computer. Many agencies use webinars as a vehicle for promoting learning and facilitating informative discussions following the presentation.

What kind of computer equipment will I need to view a webinar?

We recommend that participants use their own computers or join a training room setting to connect to the webinar presentation platform Omnovia. Participants connect to Omnovia for the visual presentating using the link that will be provided to you to enter the PART webinar room. Audio can be activated in two ways - 1) through your computer or VOIP and 2) using a phone line. No requirements if you connect through your computer. Just log in and you are good to go. If you are using a phone line, ensure that the volume on your computer is turned off to avoid any feedback. You are now using the phone line to hear the presenter. The number to dial into for the audio will also be provided at the time of the webinar.

Tips for a successful event:

  • Click here test your compatibility - this event requires a Flash Player from Adobe.
  • Check that your computer speakers work before the event. If your event provides audio through the telephone, dial in information will be provided during the event.
  • We recommend joining the event 10 minutes early.
  • Dial +61 2 8014 5150 or email to for assistance before or during the event.

Who can attend?

The audience may be comprised of front-line practitioners, supervisors, senior managers and caregivers. The composition of the audience typically varies based upon the topic of any given webinar session.

Presenters are requested to provide 2-3 practice related tips that link to research study. This is a key issue that is very important to child welfare practitioners. They do want to know how the study can help them to understand their practice with vulnerable children and families.

How will audience members be connecting to the webinar?

People are listening to the audio of the webinar over speaker phones or over their computers, so audio quality is of great importance. We have determined that the use of cell phones or speaker phones has caused audio feedback and diminished sound quality. We encourage the use of the phone handset or computer head-set microphone exclusively.

How long is a typical webinar?

The format of the webinar has changed since PART started producing webinars for learning. The new format will comprise of the webinar being an hour in length. The first 30 minutes will be the presentation. The next 20 minutes will contain a discussion with the presenters, moderator and a Link PARTner or practitioner who has a particular interest in the topic and who can provide ideas on how to link this research to everyday practice. The next 10 minutes will be used for questions from the audience. The questions will come through electronically. 

Be prepared to log into the website 15 minutes ahead of the actual presentation. You will be sent a link to join the webinar well in advance.