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Evidence-informed Decision Making: A Case Study

Option Two, What Happens:

You develop researchable questions: How does trauma affect parenting?  How does trauma affect children?  What are effective interventions for women who have experienced intimate partner violence?  What are effective interventions for children who are displaying signs of attachment issues?

Research on child exposure to intimate partner violence (IPV) reveals the child may be at risk of developing a host of negative long term behavioural and emotional difficulties, including: emotional dysregulation, 1, 2, 3 internalizing and externalizing symptoms, 1, 4, 5, 6 and major depression. 3

However, a second research camp has developed an alternative hypothesis, explaining that some women affected by IPV may heighten attentional focus within the parent-child relationship in order to compensate for the chaotic environment and ‘make up’ for the abusive parent, thereby achieving parental consistency despite the trauma. 7 Importantly, the outcomes for children after IPV are highly dependent on parenting practice - a key factor in determining long term outcomes. 1, 4

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You think critically about your research findings and incorporate them into the context of the situation, now what do you do?  (Select from option 1 or 2)

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