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Evidence-informed Decision Making: A Case Study

Option Two, What Happens:

You meet with Sophia and learn that she has had many difficulties in regards to the move from her home country to Canada.  While Sophia is working to improve her English skills, she explains how hard it is to understand her new city and find friends, a place to live, and organize her finances and documents.

In her home country, Sophia worked long hours, so Tamara was cared for primarily by her grandparents. Furthermore, Tamara lived with her grandparents while waiting to move to Canada to be with her mother.  You learn that Sophia was separated from her daughter for 6 months until Tamara could come to Canada.   

During your discussion with Sophia, she talks about her struggles with processing the violence she’s experienced from Tamara’s father, and how painful memories of the violence are often triggered by her daughter’s behaviour.  

During a discussion with your supervisor, taking past information and other factors into consideration, you come to realize that Sophia and Tamara are dealing with trauma.

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