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A Study in Critical Thinking: Raissa and her Family

What you know:

The police reported to the CAS that they responded to a 911 call placed by Raissa at approximately 9pm. When police arrived at the home, Raissa and Regan were crying, and Markus was pacing back and forth. Raissa reported that she called police after Markus threatened to throw Regan out of the window for crying too much. When Raissa got angry with Markus for the threats, he proceeded to hold her down with his hands around her neck and spit on her while she was trying to comfort Regan. Raissa is 6 months pregnant with the couple’s first child together. Markus was arrested and released the same night with conditions of no contact with Raissa and Regan.


  • Are there previous criminal charges or child welfare investigations related to exposure to intimate partner violence?
  • Is there any past child welfare history regarding either of these parents? If so, what were the maltreatment allegations?
  • Where was Markus planning to go and stay when released from police custody? What was Markus’ reaction to the charges?
  • What was Raissa’s reaction to the charges and conditions of no contact?
  • What other information would you like prior to deciding response time for this case?
  • What is the theoretical lens in which you are using to guide your practice and decisions?
  • Consider Raissa’s intersecting standpoint(s): (e.g., age, gender, immigration status, cultural identity, etc.) and ask her what her perspective on the event is, including ramifications for her and her children and what supports are appropriate.
  • Where is the onus to stop the violent behaviour? What is the genealogy of Markus’ family’s social location and how may this influence his values and behaviour?

Within what time frame do you respond?

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