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A Study in Critical Thinking: The Patel Family

The Patel Family


  • What is Deepak seeing his psychiatrist for?
  • What questions would you ask the psychiatrist?
  • Does Deepak perceive Leela as having mental health challenges herself? If so, what leads him to believe that this is the case?
  • How does Deepak describe his relationship with Leela?
  • How does Leela see her relationship with Deepak?
  • What are the questions you would like to ask Leela when you speak with her at her school?
  • Are there questions you would like to ask the school?
  • Are there any other questions you would like to ask, if so whom would you ask?

What happens...

  • Leela appears happy and high-functioning (doing well in school, attendance is good, both she and her teachers report she has several friends)
  • Deepak's psychiatrist reports that although he has paranoid tendencies, he is on medication and sees his psychiatrist on a regular basis
  • Draw an Ecomap of support that exists in the Patel family’s life
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