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A Study in Critical Thinking: Raissa and her Family

Think about the following

  1. What worries do you have based on the information about Regan?
  2. How do you assess the impact of the violence in the home on Regan?  What research would you like to access and rely on?
  3. How do you discuss this information with Raissa and Markus in a way that ensures safety for Raissa and Regan?
  4. What other information do you need to create a fuller assessment and what role, if any, do you see for child welfare?
  5. How does the child welfare lens conflict and correspond with a feminist lens?
  6. What is your primary lens when working with cases involving exposure to intimate partner violence?
  7. What do you need to know about exposure to intimate partner violence to make an informed decision?

What Happens

During your next visit with Raissa she shares that Regan has always been a fussy baby, difficult to settle and clingy to Raissa.  

What do you do?

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