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About PART 

PART (Practice and Research Together) is a Canadian membership-based research utilization initiative. PART’s core function is to distil and disseminate practice-relevant research findings to child welfare practitioners including front line practitioners, senior leaders and caregivers. PART promotes evidence-informed practice through a variety of innovative program components, including: PARTicle literature reviews, webinars, large scale conferences, practice guidebooks, and electronic access to research and academic journals. PART also provides support to individual member agencies as they implement evidence-informed practice.

What we provide:

PART creates organizational and systemic change by bridging the gap between child welfare practitioners and researchers. PART is not only a website portal – it is a structure that provides member agencies with hands-on support and tools to assist with the implementation and utilization of evidence-informed practice. We provide access to:

  • E-library offers access to over 800 peer reviewed journals, conference papers, e-text books and abstracts.
  • Guidebooks designed to support evidence-informed practice in child welfare by offering practical and innovative tools and videos.
  • PARTicles are concise literature reviews on relevant and important child welfare topics emerging from the field. PARTicles can be used by child welfare practitioners for a multitude of purposes.
  • Webinars are short, monthly online seminars that can be followed in real-time or on-demand from the comfort of your office.
  • Conferences bring together child welfare practitioners and leading academics to share knowledge and experience on the full range of topics in child welfare. These events are simultaneously webcast and stored in PART’s on-demand archived to increase accessibility.
  • Interactive Case Studies enhance critical thinking skills by asking questions about case decisions that promote reflection and exploration of relevant practice issues.
  • Storyboard videos are short interactive learning tools that explain highly conceptual ideas.
  • Podcasts and PARTcasts are two podcast series - PARTcasts are narrated literature reviews from the PARTicle archives. Research Radio features one-on-one interviews with the world's leading child welfare researchers. *Non-members can access our Research Radio series by clicking here!*
  • Links of Interest to other sources of evidence-informed practice materials, including Research in Practice (RiP), our sister organization.
  • Link PARTners are representatives from PART’s member agencies who act as ambassadors for creating evidence-informed practice and organizational change.